BadgeWizard Benefits

BadgeWizard solves your badge release problems. Using our proprietary, browser-based platform, managers can order badges, release badges and track shipments from any computer with an Internet connection. No more coupons or faxing orders!

Best of all, our skilled implementation team can produce a fully functional, customized solution in a matter of days.

BadgeWizard's advanced workflow features also make the ordering and release process painless and error-free. Validation functions ensure that ship-to addresses are correct, and titles can be restricted to an approved list. And, you can review your history at any time to see what badges were ordered and to where they were shipped.

BadgeWizard Features

Your program is custom tailored to your needs including the following features at no additional cost:

Completely Web-based System - No installation required - just login and start using the system!

Completely Customizable - Easily set up badge styles, release methods, ship-to addresses, fastener requirements, etc. You can have as many badge styles as you require.

Password Protected - No one but you can access your portal.

Approved Titles - Allows you to enter your titles, or allows only pre-approved title to be used. You don't have to worry about people creating their own job descriptions.

Tracking - You can track shipments and order status, and see historical data.

Low Inventory Alert - All products are counted and deducted from your inventory when used and displayed in real time. Alerts you when inventory levels fall below your pre-set quantities.

Distributor Audits - Distributors may login and monitor their customer's activity.

Order Preview - Your order is shown and posted on screen as you enter each release. It shows the name and or title as entered as well as the shipping location. You can print your order for proofing and approval before finalizing your order.

Flexible Shipping Options - Programs can be prepaid freight or billed to recipients account. Normal shipping method is first class mail. We also ship via all FedEx and UPS programs. You can also prepay ground and air shipments and track your dollar balance on the site. You can maintain a database of all your ship-to locations, and you can specify alternate addresses on the fly.

Email Acknowledgements - The system will automatically email you when orders are shipped.

Low Cost - You final cost is only for products ordered, a small handling fee for packaging and postage cost if it applies.